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Super Sentai Brothers - The Spy Who Loved Megaranger

Dec 19, 2017

How is Dave like an ancient Sumerian? What does a spoiler-free Matt think of The Last Jedi? Why is Ohranger suddenly a very different show? Tune in to find out!

Tune in? Sure. Download, probably. Download to find out! Or stream, I guess. Do whatever you want, I'm not your boss. 

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Toei Company's Chouriki Sentai Ohranger is the nineteenth season of the long running Japanese Super Sentai television program -- the franchise which inspired and sourced the American Power Rangers franchise produced by Bandai!

The Super Sentai Brothers podcast is brought to you by Retrograde Orbit Radio and the following dedicated Retrograde Orbit Radio Personalities:

Your Dashing Hosts: Matt and Dave Jay
Your Faithful Producer: Producer Mark